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YOUBORA Infinity is the most advanced holistic suite of integrated video analytics and BI for broadcasters, OTTs, telcos and media companies to support data-driven, business, operational and technical decisions that drive performance and maximize revenue across a video service.
Benefits Of Using YOUBORA Infinity

and increase revenue per user, with segmentation and insights into your audience's behavior.

by identifying user's life cycle and consumption trends within and beyond video playback.

by understanding user preferences and interaction with your platform. 

by understanding which content performs best. Reduce ad drop offs and optimize ad placement in various positions.

meet your goals efficiently with precisely segmented and advanced A/B/n testing. Optimize the performance of your new releases, configurations and setups for content arrangement, as well.

Make sure you are performing to industry standards with benchmark KPIs that keep you on track.

in real time to understand recurrent issues, their causes and the impact of anomalies on your customer base. 

with a better first-call resolution rate and understand if refunds are legitimate based on the customer experience. 


Maximize subscriber retention and customer loyalty while minimizing subscriber churn by understanding their consumption trends and experiences, so you can concentrate on gaining new subscribers. Latest capabilities include fraud detection.

Test decisions by applying A/B testing and multivariate testing (MVT) on precisely segmented user samples of your audience based on your chosen parameters, including predictive churn algorithms. 

Enjoy a global view of ad performance in real time to optimize ad strategy and its impact on your audience. 

Make sure you are performing at industry levels to keep with what’s working and improve what’s not, helping you prioritize improvement opportunities and set realistic goals.  

Benefit from full visibility over your users’ activities from a single control panel. See data on single users on every play to enable faster incident-resolution time from your customer support team.

Generate detailed, custom data reports to facilitate internal reporting and progress on defined metrics and internal KPIs.

The easiest way to monitor and identify critical problems in your service. We offer detailed insights into the cause, size and scope of generated errors.

Ensure the end-to-end availability of your delivery network (up-time) in real time by choosing the right CDN on the fly to ensure your target QoS/QoE based on your predefined rules.

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