White Paper Live Sports Streaming

27 Oct Our latest White Paper is out!

With the continuing surge of Internet video streaming by consumers, there are plenty of good reasons why sports leagues, producers, content rights holders and even service providers are turning more to live streaming of sporting events.

Following up on our latest Whitepaper on “The challenges of streaming live sporting events”, we just released a second part on “How to optimize live sporting events”. We hereby express the importance of QoE and analytics for companies that wish to stream live sports events through the internet.

In this white paper, we will delve  into the economic context of live streaming and explore why it makes financial sense for providers to raise their streaming games to new levels. We will spell out and describe the components that must be managed for the optimization of live streaming. As well as, show our findings and data gathered from our research here at NPAW. Download it here to get all of our latest insights.