YOUBORA 2.0 Launch 2016

30 Nov Introducing YOUBORA 2.0

With the upcoming release of YOUBORA 2.0 we would like to let you know what the new   environment stands for and how you and your business can benefit from it.

YOUBORA is a business intelligence and video analytics solution for the online video industry to maximize revenue through understanding user behavior using actionable data. The platform delivers high quality and reliable insights based on real-time data, in order for your business to ensure the delivery of flawless video and a high quality of experiences to your users. The name YOUBORA was born out of this purpose. We went very far to come up with this name, all the way to Africa. We found a meaning in Ubora which is Swahili and translates directly into English as “quality”. Quality that we want to pass on to our clients so that they can deliver the same to their users.

So what’s new with YOUBORA 2.0? Our new platform is now more scalable, powerful and more  flexible than ever and will allow you to harness the most out of the power of big data. New modules, dimensions, metrics and functionalities all of it displayed in a completely seamlessly redesigned interface. The new platform is faster, highly customizable and will display data according to your preferences. Looking and interpreting your data has never been easier. We are also making it possible for you to use real-time multi-dimensional filtering, with new dimensions and metrics, always at minute granularity.

To learn more about YOUBORA 2.0, check out our full release or go to the YOUBORA page here.

We hope you enjoy YOUBORA 2.0’s new features; we look forward to helping you harness the power of big data to strive towards success in your video strategy.