03 Nov Why QoE is key for live events? – NPAWering Online Video #7

In our seventh installment to our series “NPAWering Online Video”, Sales Director Brian Randall stresses how important QoE is to live streaming experiences, and ways to counter forces which can interfere with content reaching destination.

The standard for any OTT style service is, of course, conventional over-air or cable provided television. No join time, no buffering, and virtually free of interruptions to the playback experience. This is so important because, as Brian mentions, “buffering equals abandonment”. If QoE does not meet user expectations, they’ll take their time, attention, and maybe money elsewhere.

In today’s online video marketplace, analytics services are essential to track, monitor, and prevent disturbances and what causes them. Proactive QoE monitoring is the only way to ensure that when you tune into your favorite show on your smartphone, it is delivered with the same quality as regular television.

NPAW’s latest white paper goes into detail about the components that must be managed to optimize live streaming. As more and more live content is webcast, understanding how to improve it’s quality, and maintain that standard, is critical.

You can download “How to Optimize Live Sporting Events” here.

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.