20 Sep Benchmarks – NPAWering Online Video #5

In our fifth installment to our series “NPAWering Online Video”, our data scientist explains why benchmarking is so important when performing video analytics.

There can be a seemingly unmanageable amount of data generated when an end user streams a video. That’s why benchmarking is so important as an analysis strategy. It is an important technique, useful when honing in on the most important metrics, to determine the best strategy for delivering any video to end users.

This helps prevent time from being wasted on fixing non-problems, so resources can be focuses on more other areas of QoE maintenance. Thus “Watching” the data generated “behind the scenes” when the audience “watches” a video keeps quality of experience (QoE) high – they’ll stay engaged with the content, to management’s satisfaction.

With benchmarking, intimidating quantities of data are managed simply and structured, so no detail is forgotten.

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.