23 Feb Big Data can mean Big Profits

When it comes to streaming video online, it all comes down to one thing: data. Accurate, up-to-date information is required for e-business and broadcasters to properly assess their audience  in general, but also their quality of experience, and the amount of time they spend watching a video online. As Sherlock Holmes proclaimed in a recent movie, “Data, data, data; I cannot make bricks without clay”- to make any decisions, information is key.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal, Austen Hufford reported how investments made by Neilson, a giant in media marketing research, had boosted the company’s profits beyond analysts’ expectations as a result of improving their audience-data collection software. These are no small numbers either, the article reported, “revenue rose 2.8%, or 5.2% adjusted for currency fluctuations, driven by adoption of the new tools.”

When it comes to providing clients’ with accurate and reliable information on their streaming quality, those firms which provide it win as well as the client and the audience – everyone is better off as a result of QoE monitoring.

Just another thing to consider from us here at NPAW.