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There’s a wide range of video distribution services available now which means that competition is fierce. You don’t only have to attract customers but you also have to keep them coming back to use your service over and over. If you donate, they can simply jump to another service where they feel more comfortable and are happier. We have put together 3 ideas that are essential for online distributors.

  1. New content

Your service might be flawless and easy to use but if you don’t have the right content then your audience won’t use your service. With hundreds of series available to watch you have to make sure that the ones that you offer are entertaining, accessible and keep your audience coming back for more. Some distributors create series that are explicitly for binge watchers, such as House of Cards or Orange is the new Black, which allow watchers to access all your content at once. This means they use your service repeatedly during a set period of time. Your service gets used and your audience are happy which is precisely what you want.

  1. Customer Care 

Obviously, looking after customers is important but this includes the ability to analyse their problems and queries individually. It is essential to have real time data collected from them so you know how to help them when they ask for it but also to prevent the same problems happening in the future. By doing this, they will continue to use your service if they are well supported and happy. Your video service should be up to date with the latest video feedback tools so that you can understand your audience as much as possible, using big data if you can. The more information you have about them, the more you can tailor your service to their tastes and potentially even create series specifically for them depending on their likes and dislikes.

  1. No streaming problems 

Streaming has constantly improved year on year and that means that your service needs to work as well. Customers expect a high level of service so you need to ensure that the stream gets to them smoothly and without errors. The best way to do this is by ensuring you are up to date with problems in your service and solve them effectively and efficiently. This is the service you provide so make sure it gets to where it needs to go in the most professional way possible.

Building trust with your customer is important and these 3 ideas are key to doing that. Make yourself stand out and surprise your customers to impress them and to keep them using your service and, most importantly, to keep them happy.

James Noeker on January 08th 2016

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