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3 things people hate in online video

Video consumers nowadays are learning to cultivate more of a refined taste for what they expect to find in their online video service. This means they know what they like, which video distributors must ensure they include in their service, but they also know what they hate. Here are a few examples to watch out for.

Buffering is suffering

Everyone hates buffering. Your customer wants to choose a video, load the page and then sit back and relax. If buffering occurs it only serves to frustrate them as the video has to load for some unknown reason right before their eyes. The longer they have to wait the higher chance there is of them abandoning the video and your service. This is a particular problem if your service encourages binge watching as the videos they could have potentially watched will not have been seen and your service will be used less. Reducing buffering increases the happiness of your customers and makes them want to return in the future.

Video Stopping

Your customer is enjoying a video and suddenly it stops. The whole point of your service is to get the video to the customer for them to enjoy and this is not happening. This is even worse if it’s during a live stream when the video is being filmed in real-time as they will miss out on the action due to your service not working. Once again, this will make them more hesitant to use your service in the future as it appears faulty and there are plenty of other video services to use where this does not occur.


An important aspect to think about is whether you want advertising in your stream. It does have the benefit of bringing in additional revenue but at what expense? Your customer would preferably want to jump straight to the content they want to watch instead of having to watch an end which takes up their time. There are services which as ad free which they may be persuaded into using, so it’s worthwhile to think about this.

Overall, preventing problems with your video is extremely important if you’re a video distributor. This is extremely easy to do, especially with Nice People at Work’s YOUBORA Analytics platform. It enables you to monitor your stream in real-time and finds out what’s wrong and tells you how to improve it through a simple interface. Video is your product and it needs to be the best it can be so your valuable customers don’t leave your service. Avoid these problems and treat your customers well to maintain their trust.

James Noeker on December 18th 2015

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