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360 video is coming fast!

When browsing through the internet for exotic destinations for your next holiday you always stumble upon breathtaking videos from places like Culebra in Puerto Rico or mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania. Don’t you wish you could see more than the typical angle in order to broaden your perspective of the place you wish to visit. Well, 360 video allows you to do exactly that. It gives you the possibility to look at the subject from any angle, just like you would normally do in real life.

360 video was developed along side virtual reality, the best way to enjoy it is to use VR goggles (find out more on VR here). In order to achieve this broad perspective, more than one lens is required, one needs to take a few lenses to cover all angles of a 360 picture frame. Through software all the videos recorded by each lens are put together and the result is a picture that looks like the one down under.



The result is as broad as its possibilities. 360 video is arriving to the end of its experimentation phase as many industries have found good and interesting uses for it. Of course, the entertainment industry the first one onto it. But two major players have been pushing for this technology to see the light of consumer market. First off is the sports industry; they see great potential in this technology as a fan engagement tool. According to Digital Sport, the first ones to use this video tool was the spanish soccer club Real Madrid. On november 2015 they filmed their players training on the pitch before a game, they saw in that tool a chance to broaden the perspective of fans as well as a chance to increase fan engagement.

This broadening tool was also used this summer for the olympics allowing viewers to get a taste of what being in the olympics feels like. Advertising Age exposed the 360 video experiment that was carried out during this year’s olympics and deemed it  successful:
NBC also got into the 360 game, in a modest way, as part of an unprecedented 3,000 hours of streamed online coverage. NBC hasn’t yet spoken about 360 but has pronounced itself happy with the overall streaming numbers, which passed the combined total streaming minutes watched of the most recent games in London and Sochi.”

The second 360 video pushing industry is tourism. As previously mentioned, 360 video will broaden the horizons of the viewer. This is perfect for hotels, museums and countries to promote their locations and invite people to come see it for themselves. 360 video tours keep on being posted on youtube from hotels and tourism offices.
Travel is an activity that calls upon all five of your senses. The sounds, the feelings, and the experience: it really is an emotional activity. A memory maker. Travel is often called a soft sell, an emotional sell. And what better way to reach those most wanted customer emotions, than actually having them experience a destination first hand through 360 videos?Explorist Media

This technology still hasn’t crawled out of its egg, the content is still heavy for proper smooth streaming consumption. VR goggles aren’t widely spread and 360 video cameras are still pricey, but there is no doubt that this technology will change media consumption forever. Frame rates, resolutions are being constantly bumped up and file sizes are being trimmed. To be able to deliver this type of  content efficiently, state of the art technology is required in order ensure a smooth, fast  and successful delivery as well as a pleasant experience for the end user. With NPAW´s YOUBORA software, this task is made easy and simple. Get ready for 360 content because it´s coming  fast.

Joaquin De Miguel on October 04th 2016

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