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There is nothing quite so relaxing as putting your feet up, cracking open a beer, and sitting back to enjoy the ball game. Since the advent of the internet and the streaming revolution, watching the game is as simple as picking a venue. No longer are fans restricted to television or held hostage by expensive cable plans. Today’s fan can catch the game whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they want! And businesses not only realize it, but are moving to capitalize on the growth potential of live streaming faster than you can say “goal!”

Fubo.TV is devoted to football (or to the American reader, soccer). Their business model is all about bringing end users the games they want:

fuboTV offers a wide variety of live and legal soccer matches from beIN SPORTS, GolTV, beIN SPORTS en Espańol and GolTV en Espanol as well as club TV channels including Benfica TV, Ajax TV, BVB World, Everton TV and more. That translates into La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Portuguese games, Copa America, Ligue Un and more.

The future of sports lies online, and that’s why providing fans their favorite games will be what sets pioneering companies apart from the “mainstream”.

Don’t believe me. Consider this: T-Mobile, in an effort to get new customers, is providing new subscribers with a one year subscription to Teach a man to watch baseball on television, and he’ll sit on the couch. Offer him live streaming in tandem with a phone and data plan? He’ll be watching content on all his devices – an advertisers dream come true.

The movement of content online has also motivated Leagues to push their content. For example, the National Hockey League has negotiated a deal with Yahoo to stream their games online four days a week. Furthermore, Italian utility provider Enel, s.P.a. has realized that, for Italy in particular, a high modern fiber optic network will be necessary for end users to receive their content, and is investing $2.5 billion in infrastructure upgrades.

High quality wires and clever bundling packages may make the sale, but to secure customer loyalty and retention, you must maximize end user satisfaction. Fubo.TV realizes this, and that’s why they utilize YOUBORA and have been revolutionizing the way football is watched online. Do download our case study on them, click here. Content providers who are looking to make sales and secure long term fans should use a service that monitors streaming quality and sends real time analytics back to headquarters informing managers as to the status of their streams. Loyal, satisfied,  fans are sure to make stockholders (or at least the accounting department happy) which  is a team we can all root for.

Just something else to think about from us here at NPAW.


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James Noeker on March 25th 2016

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