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Building Quality into every product – NPAWering Online Video #4

In the fourth installment of our series “NPAWering Online Video” we will discuss how important the quality control process is when selecting and utilizing an analytics platform.

The insights an organization can obtain from a data analytics platform are only as good as the data itself. It is crucial that the metrics provided to gauge the performance of a video playback are accurate. Thorough quality management, which proactively assesses any future error, is an important part of successfully delivering a high quality playback.

Since all players vary in design, plugins, and networks served, look for an analytics platform which has a team dedicated to testing custom features to ensure dependability upon the player going live.

Video players, as Lorena stresses in the accompanying video, should also be “pushed to the limits” and put in circumstances which coerce failure. Good quality management will push players to fail, so as many existing errors as possible can be diagnosed for correction and easily resolved  soon thereafter.

Audiences choose their services based on quality, video distributors should consider the same when choosing an analytics platform.

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.

James Noeker on August 18th 2016

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