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“And today is the day. Let’s check if I miss something. I have read about the company, what are the recent achievements and their future goals, what is required for the position I’m applying to, why I want this job, what I’m looking for and what are my expectations for a nearby future…” You can identify yourself in all these statements when you are preparing for an interview, but all fall apart when during the interview you are asked to complete a personality test. That feared test for many. Everything you have prepared for, is going to disappear in less than three, two, one…ok we are going to stop here. We don’t have to be that dramatic and let’s flip over this situation. In the following section we are going to explain in general terms why nowadays personality tests are useful for the hiring process.

All of us have been afraid when in front of a personality test. What will the results be? Am I going to be rejected because of the results? Am I crazy? Let’s take  a breath! We are going to highlight some facts about this kind of test.

The aim of these tests is to evaluate the suitability of the candidate for a specific position in a specific context (team, company, etc…) and provide a set of values related with the personality traits through a set of questions of different nature. The final score offers an overview of the personality profile and the correlation between different factors that have been evaluated. There are no better nor worse profiles, each profile has its own characteristics that will be more or less suitable for a specific job or company. The personality test helps obtaining an overall vision of the candidate but don’t forget that these personality tests are used to support the whole selection process and should not be used alone. They always have to be combined with a person-to-person interview and other kinds of tests or assessments if the situation  requires so.

Sometimes the recruiter is asked to give previously some examples of tests so the candidate can train in advance in order to be prepared. There is no previous training for these kinds of tests. The best way to prepare for it is to become self-aware of yourself, your persona, and know what comes most naturally to you.

Don’t try manipulating the results. The manipulation may have be seen as something useful if you really want the job but after all it’s self-defeating for two reasons. First of all, imagine that you have managed to manipulate the answers and you have obtained the job, maybe what is  going to happen is that you will have to fight more in order to maintain high standards on your work and there is not going to be a fit because the values and norms of the company, team composition and procedures will be positioned far away from the ones that you may prefer, or maybe the manipulation is going to disqualify you on the selection process. Be careful on that!

When in front of a test, don’t be overwhelmed, just take your time to read everything carefully and be yourself. After all what every person wants is a true relation with the company.

What can you expect if you apply for Nice People at Work? Our selection process comes through different steps. After the pre-screening made by the recruiters, the first contact is made through a phone call or e-mail to meet the candidate and also their expectations and needs. The main goal of this step is to create an overall vision by both parts. The company is not the only one that has to come to a decision but also the candidate, it’s a mutual understanding. The second step is the face to face meeting aka the interview. This stage is important because you can verify that the thoughts that have been built earlier, are consistent or not. On the third stage, we provide the technical and/or psychological tests and/or group dynamics, depending on the job requirements. Once the candidate has completed the third stage, the tasks are reviewed by the HR department as well as the team leaders of the specific department. The last stages of the recruitment process are related with the acceptance of the offer and the employee’s onboarding..

Sometimes the selection process can be extended for more than 1 month. Don’t give up on the process, keep in mind that if there is any problem or concern you can let us know, it’s better to keep the process as clear as possible and of course we will be pleased to help.

What happens if you’re not selected? We’ll keep your CV in file and we’ll contact you in regards to other positions that are better aligned with your skills / preferences.

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Research & Editorial Team on November 16th 2016

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