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CDN Switching Techniques – NPAWering Online Video #10

Content delivery networks are the superhighways which transport content to the audiences that crave them. Switching between them is the most effective way to ensure that a video is interruption free, just one of the many perks of a system which drives ad and content efficiency to maximum performance. CDN switching strategies, as Lucas mentioned in the video, take three forms: API, DNS routing, and plugins.  

Here at NPAW, we favor CDN switching based on API. This method is highly scalable, and permits the expedited integration of new players. It is the best way to get the most out of a multi-CDN strategy for video delivery.

Want to know more about CDN strategies and how they can improve your streaming strategy? Dan Rayburn at the Streaming Media Blog just featured an article about this very topic. We invite you to read it here.

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.

James Noeker on January 26th 2017

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