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Come Party with the NiceTeam!!

This year’s IBC in Amsterdam is only a few days away. To help usher in what promises to be an informative and entertaining meeting of the television minds, we are partnering with 24i, and other start-up companies like cleeng,, and Nexstreaming, to “Kick off IBC in Style” with a huge party!

Come, catch up with friends and make new ones, and you dance to music provided by legendary Dutch DJ’s such as Jay Hardway, Fantino, Mesto, and Grimix as you party the night away at Club Escape, Amsterdam’s premier destination for nightlife.

Tickets are sold out, but there is a reason we are called Nice People at work. We have some extra, so reach out to us and we’ll do our best to hook you up with one!

See you there! #IBC2016    

James Noeker on September 07th 2016

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