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With an intuitive interface, YOUBORA offers unparalleled insights for online video services into their audience experience and behavior. But all the data you can shake a cat at is also available offline and ready to integrate into the data application of your choosing. With the web-based SmartTracking module, video service providers get a detailed view of their users’ every playback session including any technical issues, as well as user-prompted events like pauses and plays. When an issue arises, it is important to be able to quickly determine if the same problem is affecting a bigger swath of the user base. But what if you want to take these reams of actionable data and integrate it into your own internal customer service system or other application, or simply have it exported and available offline? What would normally require extensive and costly development is actually a few click away. Filter by any metric or dimension available in the SmartTracking module, then use SmartReports to export that data in minutes as ready-to-use CSV or Excel documents, or even create a URL callback to share with colleagues.

Consider a few uses of these downloadable data lists:

  • Hunt down CDNs. If a player does not report to YOUBORA the identity of a CDN that is under performing, it appears in YOUBORA as ‘unknown’. To determine which CDN it is, export all sessions with this unknown CDN, copy the IP addresses, and cross reference them with an anti-fraud service like MaxMind to identify the CDN, country and region in question
  • Get data to the right people. An end user complains to customer service about poor player performance during their favorite program. Customer service can first go to SmartTracking, find the end user’s recent sessions, confirm the complaint is legitimate and determine how widespread the issue was across the platform. With SmartReports, hard data on the issue can be exported to guide management teams in implementing measures to prevent these dissatisfied users from churning.
  • Performance reports at the ready. Show content makers clear reports on exactly how their material is performing on your platform, or communicate with clear data to CDNs’ and other third-party providers if they are not performing at expected levels.
  • Get users up to speed. Before launching a bandwidth-intensive product like online video gaming, export list of users connecting via WiFi, and reach out to them by email to encourage them to switch to a faster connection type to improve their experience.
  • Pinpoint errors during live sports. Filter by error codes from players for a specific time range covering a live sports feed and present the report to the team responsible for resolving the issue for future events.

Research & Editorial Team on January 18th 2018

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