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“Every day, something funny comes up”: Chatting with Backend Team engineer Luis Ramos.

Welcome back to another installment of Meet You, where we sit down with some NPAW team members and ask them about their role in the company. This time, we sat down with Luis Ramos, a backend engineer who has been with NPAW for 7 months now.
Some of you might be curious of what the “backend” team might do? Well, in short, the NPAW Backend team is tasked developing the YOUBORA real time analytics tool and its Smart Modules. Luis is usually involved in the development of its API services. Sometimes those services require a little extra tinkering, and when that happens our backend professionals are ready to provide assistance. In fact, Luis has recently developed a customized feature for a few specific NPAW customers to cater YOUBORA more closely to their needs.
We asked Luis to share some tips of trade to help those interested in joining the Backend team here at NPAW. He responded, “…It’s a very stimulating department, with many goals and objectives which need to be met. We work with many new technologies and always try to improve our work with something better and/or faster”. Persistence is needed, he went on to say, “…You’ll need to push yourself to be better, but together with the team we will surely make it, and with it also improve the whole company work and reach every objective”. He continued, “To feel like a fundamental piece of NPAW is what will make you love to work here””.
Before joining our team, Portuguese born Luis began his career during his university years at a logistics company focusing on developing an electronic invoice management system. Upon graduation, he joined the staff of his university’s physics department, developing testing modules for use in experimentation. He then joined an international exchange project and was brought to Madrid to work as Product Manager, only to be drawn to beautiful Barcelona to work for an Italian firm focused on developing GIS. Before joining NPAW he spent three years starting up a company devoted to developing an intelligent-tourist app.
Luis is an entrepreneurial, persevering, and responsible guy with very clear objectives and a desire provide solutions. He is passionate about identifying challenges, and resolving those problems, in the most elegant, functional, and optimized way possible.
Does our backend team sound like the place for you? We urge you to check out our open positions and apply at .

Irene Camps on September 27th 2016

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