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Hot to Watch in 2017: 360 VR

The gears of commerce never stop turning, and nowhere was that more evident than at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. A lot of interesting technologies were showcased  such as Alexa but for content providers one stood apart: a viable camera for 360 VR.

When Worlds Collide

Just in case 360 video and virtual reality were getting a little boring, this year at CES InstaPro unveiled its 360 degree virtual reality camera. According to Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat, “The 8K-resolution Insta360 Pro camera is designed for shooting 360 films that can be displayed with virtual reality headsets.” The Insta360 Pro is priced at $3,000. Pricey to the average consumer? Yes, but well below that of competitors like the Nokia Ozo ($60,000).

Resolution Matters

The success of any VR experience rests on the quality of the video’s resolution. Last week, we wrote about how 4K video is transforming how we think of TV. 4K resolution has been described as the difference between “watching TV and looking out the window”. Now imagine 8K, promised by the Insta360 camera and others of the like. Now that’s a good picture because VR simulates reality, the ability to capture our world as it appears to us is crucial to truly convey a successful VR experience. 360 VR achieves this, but resolution is not enough, we live life uninterrupted, and 360 VR should do the same.


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Image credit: Instapro

James Noeker on February 01st 2017

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