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Hot to Watch in 2017: ESports Revolution

These days, it seems that is there’s a game to play, there’s a new game to watch. ESports, or competitive video gaming, has been taking the world by storm – expected to morph into a billion-dollar-plus industry between 2017 and 2019. The flames were stoked again last month when Twitter announced it will begin streaming 1,500 hours of eSports related content, according to an article by TechCrunch.

A League of their Own

Back in February, a gamer known by the alias (gamertag) “Faker” made waves on Twitch, a platform devoted exclusively to gaming, by drawing 245,100 viewers to a single stream according to ESPN. This broke the record for the most concurrent views to take place for a single account.

Esports are gaining audience momentum faster and faster. Twitter, no stranger to large-scale live streaming or esports, having reached a partnership with ELeague in 2016. In April this year California-based Esports Arena partnering with its investor Allied Esports and MGM Resorts International are set to open to open a new esports-dedicated venue in early 2018 at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas strip.

Nobody wants to tune into a laggy stream 

The potential presented by esports has been drawing big names for some time now. Facebook, Twitter and Twitch all compete for audiences. Other platforms, like are vying for more marketshare. Even some cable companies, like TBS in the United States, have moved to position themselves as established-but-groundlevel media for gamers.

Now more than ever, individuals and organizations interested in bringing esport competitions to the masses must take proactive steps to establish their legitimacy. Nobody wants to tune into a laggy, buffer-ridden stream. Fortunately, NPAW is here to help.

We all know live streaming live events can present enormous challenges, especially when content providers have none or poor visibility of what is happening on their platform and on how their audience behaves. Notably, when utilizing one CDN, optimal performance only occurred 23% of the time, according to NPAW’s records. Another key factor affecting service, Live Server Side Ad Insertion and Real Time Bidding requires the ad to be placed midstream, which can disrupt the play, as can the ad itself. With real time understanding of one’s platform execution will help optimize the entire video service resulting into more engaged audiences.


“…when utilizing one CDN, optimal performance only occurred 23% of the time.”



Help has arrived

Fortunately, the perils of live streaming have a solution, and it begins by harnessing the power of big data. YOUBORA by NPAW, the most advanced and holistic business intelligence and video analytics platform, is uniquely designed to overcome the perils of live streaming and other delivery challenges.

If you are interested in discovering the ways in which YOUBORA can come to your rescue, reach out to one of our Experts here to request a demo, and be sure to download our FREE industry white papers: The Challenges of Streaming Live Sporting Events, and its companion How to Optimize Live Sporting Events.


Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.


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James Noeker on April 19th 2017

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