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How superior Customer Support translates into Customer Success – NPAWering Online Video #3

In the third installment of our series “NPAWering Online Video” we will discuss the role Customer Support plays in delivering video to an end user, and how superior Customer Support translates into Customer Success.

No two companies are alike, and it’s important to remember that when selecting and designing a customer support service. The best services tailor themselves to customers, and are customizable to best suit their needs.

The more choices a Support package offers to customers, the more successful it will be. Look for one which empowers “do-it-yourself” problem resolution with the help of step-by-step documentation to tackle simpler issues. For more complex problems which may require a more hands on solution, good Support packages include 24/7 staffing by Customer Engineers to expedite issue identification and resolution. Many services like this are “leveled”, so companies can select a plan which best works for them.

Another option to consider is a managed service subscription. Managed services are a useful way to outsource data monitoring responsibilities. With one,  the managed service provider will identify and resolve problems on behalf of the client, freeing up time, resources, and personnel to handle more important business development tasks.

The shape and form of how Customer Support is offered varies, but so are the businesses which use them. Think hard, but not too long, on a plan which best fits your organization’s growth strategy. You’ll never feel lost in a sea of data when Customer Engineers are on standby, ready to help, if they haven’t solved the problem already.

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.

James Noeker on August 02nd 2016

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