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YOUBORA Suite provides full visibility and control across the entire user journey to help media companies build engaging experiences to drive audience growth, retention and revenue.

BARCELONA, SPAIN- 13 September, 2018 – NPAW (Nice People At Work) —a global leader in big data and video business intelligence to help media companies grow— introduces YOUBORA Suite, an enhanced analytics offering that brings support to business and technical teams at media companies to drive business growth.

In a crowded market full of OTTs, telcos and broadcasters competing for the 2-hour window of screen time of their digital, impatient and mobile audience, users demand fully satisfactory experiences as the source of their entertainment. In the era of personalization, advanced insights provided by YOUBORA Suite can help connect the dots across the entire user path to help companies build engaging media experiences that will drive growth and captivate audiences. Only by correlating full visibility of the end-user session with playback information will companies be able to flawlessly manage every pillar of their video service to succeed.

The new YOUBORA Suite video analytics SaaS is composed of independent apps – ANALYTICS, INFRASTRUCTURE, USERS and ADS – that provide full understanding and comprehension of the entire user journey alongside visibility of platform performance. Apps come boosted by unrivalled, in-depth analysis, precise cluster identification capabilities, prediction, intelligent alerts, reporting and A/B testing.

Advanced insights will help managers launch targeted marketing promotions, review commercial packages, manage the product life cycle, build an appealing content catalogue and engaging content discovery strategies, optimize ad monetization and reduce its impact on churn. Managers at video companies will be able to offer premium quality and proactive customer service in addition to successful strategies that clearly contribute to business growth and help differentiate from competitors.

YOUBORA Suite products are compatible with other analytics tools. Use YOUBORA Suite in tandem with other products for easy integration into the customers’ workflow. The growing universe of third-party integrations from NPAW is allowing customers further control and actionability of both their data and their ability to connect it to other platforms they use.

“We offer the best analytics solution for media companies. We are the first and only company in the world to collect and correlate data across the entire media session at scale in real-time: navigability, user journey, and video analytics, altogether,” said Ferran Gutiérrez, CEO and Co-founder from NPAW. “We don’t charge customers for their data; because of our business model, only when customers grow, we grow.”

Max Gayler on September 13th 2018

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