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May Mobile Highlights

May might be half over, but it has been a big month for mobile video already. In part two of our series on mobile video, we would like to point out three of these innovations, and what that means for the future of the industry.


Netflix reported in May that will be adjusting its mobile streaming functionalities to grapple with a common problem: limited networks. When people leave their houses or places of business they are often leaving something else, their wifi network. For those who stream videos at home, which is most people…most of the time, household wifi networks offer reliable and dependable service, but what about the rush hour commuter or weekend vacationer, looking to catch up on House of Cards at the beach?

In the past, mobile network limitations have made end users averse to long-duration content streaming. However, with the help of Netflix’s new tool, users can essentially opt for a lower quality video by restricting the amount of data used in the stream.

Should other streamers follow Netflix’s lead, the role of big data in stream optimization would become all the more critical to operations. We hope more companies follow Netflix’s lead and offer tools to let audiences stream on their terms, because audience empowerment is important to us at NPAW.


Regular readers of the NPAW blog know that perfecting a video stream is more than simply delivering video, it involves navigating the various devices out there, each with their own protocols, rules, and capabilities relative to one another…and Google just changed the game again. With Google Daydream, virtual reality features will be built into the Android operating system, granting advertisers and other content creators a new medium to share their messages over the most infant of media.

This is exciting because VR and 360 degree video will play a significant role in the future. To ensure your experience – from taking your audience on fantastic journeys or helping them remember where they’ve been all while helping them to share whatever with whomever they want online, companies must turn to solutions like YOUBORA Analytics to give them a foothold in the future.


More from Google as YouTube has announced a new addition to its mobile platform permitting in-app messaging. Now sharing a video or having a conversation can all be done via the YouTube app. Since, Snapchat and Facebook are stealing from YouTube’s commanding lead as far as audience size is concerned, YouTube needed to find a way to boost audience engagement. Their strategy? Don’t give users, who already spend a whopping 40 minutes per YouTube session viewing content, an excuse to leave. As summarized:

If YouTube can keep users glued to their phones and prove to advertisers they can come up with new and creative ways to drum up attention, that’s very good for YouTube. The company already uses machine learning techniques that automatically probe users’ viewing histories and smartly predict what they might want to see next. Now with IRL human recommendations from friends, users have one less reason to leave.

Online video is transforming, and pretty soon little will be common between the growing cache of content online. To stay ahead of the curve, smart companies looking to thrive must harness the power of big data to stay competitive. YouTube didn’t just guess that users spend an average of 40 minutes per session viewing media, their customers told them by acting, and big data probably put it in words.

Whether you’re seeking your next strategic move or looking to maintain already leading performance, big data will hold your answer.


Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.



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James Noeker on May 22nd 2016

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