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Meet Maria, Quality Assurance engineer at NPAW

Here at NPAW, we know our success as an organization is contingent on the success of our employees. To keep the NPAW “ship” on the proper course, we like talk with our team members about their experience  with our company, so we can better understand what it’s like to work for NPAW. We’d like to share those stories with you here in a series we like to call “Meet YOU”. For this post, we sat down with our friend Maria Lopez, and asked her about her experience in our Quality Assurance Department.

What is the Quality Assurance Department? It’s the team at NPAW charged with building in, and testing for, quality in all of our products and enhancements we develop.    Maria has been been working in our Quality Assurance (QA) Department for about a year and four months. She was an intern still in university, completing her studies to become an Audiovisual Systems Engineer. After the original internship period ended, she started working as a full time employee in our QA Department, where she remains to this day.

What does she do? She answers, “I’ve got the responsibility to certify the plugins developed for our customers, to contribute to a successful integration with the YOUBORA platform. To do that, reports have to be generated defining the different plugin capabilities which require analysis, depending on the environment and delivery ecosystem for which it is specifically designed. Furthermore, plugins integrated into our customer scenarios, like apps and desktop programs, must be tested to ensure they are functioning in proper order. Another duty to which we tend, originating from the development team, is testing the User Interface from the user’s point of view. We work to ensure  better usability.”

When we asked Maria about her favorite aspect of the company, her response: the people, those Nice People…at Work. “The people are very friendly and they have always given me a hand when I have not understood something,” she said of her coworkers. The NPAW corporate culture is open and welcoming, and encourages each employee find their talents and grow them to their full potential. In Maria’s case, she is glad she is getting first hand experience in the streaming media industry. But as it relates to NPAW’s role in that industry, Maria says her position in our company also allows her to “recognize the different core competencies within my department so we can constantly improve the quality of the product.”

With such an enthusiastic response from Maria, we went further and posed to her a final question – as an NPAW employee what you say to someone looking to enhance their career, or even start it, at NPAW’s QA Department. She replied, “NPAW is a good company, where you will be comfortable and can contribute to improving the department.” Maria then went on to say, “People with a lot of ideas, enthusiasm and a good criticism level are welcome to our department. Here, we want to hear all kinds of different ideas and progresses.”

We look forward to sharing more insider stories about life at NPAW. It’s a tight knit team in an agile organization, quickly growing in size and reputation to NPAWer online video.  So check back regularly for more insider information about working at NPAW, and consider becoming a member of the Nice team yourself.

Irene Camps on August 02nd 2016

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