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Insights from Netflix at #MWC17

And so another Mobile World Congress comes and goes, and what a show it was this year! It is always an honor attend this event which annually transforms our home city into the world’s premier mobile mecca.

Delivering one of the 2017 keynote speeches was Reed Hastings, the man behind the world’s most notable OTT provider – Netflix. To get a sense of what it was like to be on the floor during Mr. Hastings’s speech, I sat down with NPAW Product Manager, Lucas Bernat, to get his major takeaways and pick his brains on the ripples the talk will have on the streaming media industry.

“Reed spoke at length about one main topic – Content – and the many ways Netflix is working to enhance the strategy of the content and how it is delivered.” said Lucas.  

Content, Content Everywhere

“One of the strategies Netflix has been pushing is a balance between mass and regional appeal in their content. I guess in this sense this makes them the first truly global video service.” I asked Lucas to elaborate and he responded, “Well, they try very hard to balance their major titles – those Hollywood movies with mass appeal – with regionally- or locally-sourced content such as originally produced Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, language programming, and more.”

When I asked Lucas is Hastings explained the reasons behind this strategy of mass and local appeal he explained that “For a service like theirs, their entire mission rests on a “three-legged stool” of Content, Directing Users to Meaningful content, and the Quality of the playback which they view.”  Streaming meaningful content around the world helps Netflix bond with, and provide a voice to, areas around the world which may appear underrepresented in media. But merely producing and stocking quality titles in the Netflix repertoire is not enough, connecting title to user is just as, if not more, important.

“ Netflix is…the first truly global video service”


The Intelligence of Artificial Intelligence

On an additional note, Lucas went on to say, “There is another secret to Netflix’s success, and that’s how they use machine learning algorithms to suggest titles, and nudge users toward them, When they first started in 1997 they were a mail order DVD service. They still use information from pairing individuals to titles in the old days in their current AI processes. Essentially, the volume and variability of this data is how Netflix is so good at recommending shows – it’s their secret sauce!

We’re no strangers to data here at NPAW, in fact it’s our specialty. With the YOUBORA Business Intelligence and Video Analytics platform, content providers big and small, Netflix or not, can track and understand their audience. The highly granular and limitlessly filterable platform can easily track and processes user data.  

Are you a video or ad content provider in the area interested in revolutionizing your strategy with the power of data? Reach out to one of our Business Intelligence and Online Video Analytics experts here, to discover the benefits of YOUBORA by NPAW.


We’d also like to take this time to thank all of our industry partners, customers, and everyone else who visited us at our booth at Mobile World Congress. It was an honor to host drinks for our friends, in the backdrop of our magnificent city. We appreciate it so much – – Thank you!


Featured Image Courtesy of Morriss/Bloomberg via Forbes

James Noeker on March 06th 2017

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