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NICE PEOPLE AT WORK announces new updates to YOUBORA Analytics at IBC 2015

NPAW powers a new generation of YOUBORA Analytics to its customers by releasing new features to provide  more powerful means of video data analysis.

BARCELONA, Spain –September 12, 2015– NICE PEOPLE AT WORK (NPAW), the technology leader in quality of service and audience engagement analytics, is announcing major updates for its core product, YOUBORA Analytics at IBC 2015. These enhancements includes a new Dashboard 2.0, which allows clients to customize dashboards while emphasizing the most relevant service aspects by creating specific dashboards for each key area, and a new version of SmartReports that offers customers the possibility to generate detailed custom data reports to facilitate internal reporting and progress on defined metrics and internal KPIs.

“Today’s digital media audience has extremely high quality of experience standards. We are committed to simplifying our customer’s processes to diagnose, analyse and monitor their online services to match  and exceed the standards that consumers demand today.” said Alberto Gómez, NPAW’s VP of Product. “YOUBORA’s new set of features allows our customers to fulfill those high expectations.”

Dashboard 2.0

The new Dashboard 2.0 is designed to create an extremely powerful interactive interface where our customers can combine any metric coming from the Audience, Quality, Engagement, Errors or SmartAlerts modules into a single dashboard, with the ability to create as many dashboards as the organization stakeholder requires. With the new Dashboard 2.0 customers can leverage a fast, reliable and flexible interface to pinpoint key information for any aspect of the service.

Dashboard 2.0 includes:

  • Create as many custom dashboards as you want to cover your monitoring needs. Don’t miss anything – create different dashboards to monitor the data more important for you at every single moment.
  • Select from a different set of widgets available to show data in the shape , size and form that best fits your requirements.
  • Pre-configure as many filters as you want and apply them to widgets globally or independently.
  • Create your own data widgets using YOUBORA data, or import data from third party applications into your dashboard.
  • Mix data on dashboards as you wish, blending all types of metrics available in the YOUBORA platform regardless of their nature: Audience, Quality, Engagement, SmartAlerts, etc.
  • New set of metrics such as unique user’s buffer ratio, completion rate, average plays by user, users metrics, and much more.

SmartReports (new version)

NPAW’s team of engineers built a more friendly and granular way to export reports and configure recurrent reports in a YOUBORA account. SmartReports allow customers to create a first level of filters to narrow reports to the exact subset of experiences. Enabling the multi-dimensional filters to cross reference data in order to obtain relevant KPIs for your business.

The new version of SmartReports offers a brand new set of features including:

  • Export any type of information from our platform with any level of filters and dimensions.
  • Cross as many dimensions as you want to export a subset of your data.
  • Create periodic reports: daily, weekly or monthly for every platform and service.
  • Featuring the CEO’s weekly and daily report: a KPIs report comparing your VOD / Live service performance with the total of NPAW’s global data registered.
  • Get an API callback to your service every time the report is ready.


About NPAW

NPAW is a big data and technology company serving the online media industry. Using real-time data we help our customers to deliver flawless TV-quality experiences. Our platform leads the industry in technologies integrated and devices supported, enabling our customers to take smart business decisions using in-depth and complete data. The company is privately held with VC backing, and was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

About YOUBORA Analytics

YOUBORA Analytics is a powerful centralized analytics and optimization platform for broadcasters and media groups. We provide real-time information on the delivered video experience, with granular data specific to individual end users. Our high-resolution analytics tool helps you monitor and analyze your audience, QoS and engagement, and optimize delivery through our SmartSwitch CDN load balancing module. Metrics taken from YOUBORA Analytics can be applied to take decisions around your content, monitor delivery partners and take decisions around which platforms to invest in or integrate with.


Media Contact 
Diana Navas, NPAW
Tel: +34 931 22 21 11

James Noeker on September 12th 2015

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