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NICE PEOPLE AT WORK introduces YOUBORA 2.0 and shapes a new generation of video analytics and business intelligence

With more scalability and power than ever before, the newest YOUBORA 2.0 environment is fast, interactive, and highly customizable, which makes data interpretation effortlessly simple.

BARCELONA, Spain –November 30, 2016– NICE PEOPLE AT WORK (NPAW), the leader in business intelligence and analytics technology for the online video industry, announced today the release of YOUBORA 2.0. The newest YOUBORA environment comes equipt with an impressive array of new features which provide unparalleled functionalities, customization options, and flexibility to provide a detailed understanding of each video’s journey, in real time. YOUBORA, the award winning analytics solution assists customers in driving revenue maximization by garnering greater customer retention, increasing ad and content efficiency, as well as optimizing operations and technical processes.

New modules and enhanced dimensions are displayed with innovative metrics and improved functionalities on the new environment – which features an intuitive, flexible, and ergonomic user interface. The new YOUBORA 2.0 has remarkable flexibility to create new metrics and dimensions and permits the creation of customized metrics for customers in a record time.

With more scalability and power than ever before, the newest YOUBORA dashboard environment is fast, interactive, and highly customizable, which makes data interpretation effortlessly simple. The collection of new metrics which focus on user behavior, empower customers to better understand playback experiences and outcomes, as well as obtaining information to build play performance funnels on the aggregate and individual level.

The newest YOUBORA environment is truly innovative, allowing real-time, unlimited, multi-dimensional filtering. New capabilities include dimensions such as device specifications (OS version, Browser version, vendor…) and more granular geolocation. New filtering dimensions incorporated into the SmartTracking and SmartErrors modules include happiness scoring, network identifiers, and error ID for all available metrics, as well as the possibility to filter all metrics by video representation. This enables customers to expand their real-time filtering capabilities with the necessary tools for a smooth navigation of information.

YOUBORA 2.0 provides unlimited filtering between Custom Dimensions as well as default and featured dimensions in real-time. After narrowing metrics down to a useful set, that information is displayed on an extremely interactive interface, helping customers to drive business performance and efficient, fact-driven, decision-making.

“We have taken a major step forward in developing a cutting-edge, video analytics technology that helps our customers gain a wider and deeper understanding of their platform,” says Ferran Gutiérrez, CEO of NPAW. “The new YOUBORA 2.0 business intelligence features empower customers to improve their understanding of their audience and build competitive advantage in a rapidly changing industry that demands data to drive service performance and, of course, added revenue.”

The new YOUBORA 2.0 expands upon this legacy – shaping a new generation of analytics and business intelligence technology for the online video industry, allowing customers to have a deeper and detailed information on the user experience and audience behavior.  

About NPAW

NPAW is a Business Intelligence and Big Data company serving the online video industry. Through our solid, agile, and highly scalable analytics infrastructure, we support reliable data analysis for any customer in a timely, personalized and cost-effective manner. Our platform, YOUBORA, combined with NPAW’s highly knowledgeable and experienced team, enables our customers to make informed and strategic business decisions, take action to efficiently resolve video delivery disturbances, among other innovative purposes, using in-depth and complete data.

NPAW is a global company with offices in Barcelona and New York. In January 2016, NPAW expanded its market focus to cover the United States, but aims to continue its global expansion. We work with multiple partners and have an extensive network to support our customers. The company is privately held with VC backing, and was founded in 2008.

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Media Contact for NPAW
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Research & Editorial Team on November 30th 2016

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