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NICE PEOPLE AT WORK’s YOUZANA now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

NICE PEOPLE AT WORK brings the benefits of YOUZANA Encoder & DRM Packager to Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to have full control over their content preparation.

BARCELONA – September 11, 2015 – NICE PEOPLE AT WORK (NPAW), one of the technology leaders in business intelligence tools, announced today the launch of YOUZANA Encoder & Digital Rights Management (DRM) packager on Microsoft Azure. This integration enables an all-in-one solution for video service providers and publishers to prepare their content and protect it with DRM systems.

NPAW is focused on helping content creators and distributors optimize video delivery across a wide variety of devices and technologies. YOUZANA is an encoder and packager that simplifies content preparation, guarantees the best quality in their video assets and lowers costs in building and operating a multi-DRM protection workflow, within minutes. YOUZANA for Azure creates a seamlessly integrated platform where customers can leverage a fast, reliable and flexible encoder and DRM packager.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the best, yet most cost-efficient solutions they demand to grow their video business,” says Ferran Gutiérrez, NPAW’s CEO. “By providing a complete turn-key solution like YOUZANA and supporting it on Azure we enable customers to take advantage of the benefits that YOUZANA offers in the cloud and maximize the value of the content they want to prepare, while minimizing costs.”

YOUZANA encrypts live and on-demand video assets that suit the requirements of different DRMs. It also offers a dual pass encoding, the best way to make sure providers deliver the best quality. By boosting the quality of the final encoded video streams, potential issues are easily avoided and providers can guarantee an excellent video experience for their users.


About NPAW

NPAW is a big data and technology company serving the online media industry. Our products enable premium video experiences by addressing the areas of content adaptation (encoding, DRM), QoS (RT analytics, monitoring and CDN load balancing), and engagement (1 to 1 user tracking) within existing media workflows to better serve a global, multi-platform customer base. The company is privately held with VC backing, and was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

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YOUZANA is a powerful encoder, Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption and multibitrate packaging platform for broadcasters and media groups. YOUZANA DRM packager enables full control over protected live and on-demand assets. Our platform reaches all major DRM technologies on the market such as Play Ready, Widevine and Adobe Flash Access. From one single interface, you will be able to manage all encoding and packaging jobs, get full reporting of jobs processed and delivered, control jobs queues, setting, profiles and more.

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Media Contact 
Diana Navas, NPAW
Tel: +34 931 22 21 11

James Noeker on September 11th 2015

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