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Norigin Media and NPAW (Nice People at Work) have partnered to integrate Quality of Experience (QoE) analytics with Norigin’s multi-screen TV apps SDK. This integration will allow developers to build premium TV apps across devices that would also support YOUBORA’s analytics technology.

Norigin Media have recently productised their multi-screen video SDK for the development of premium TV and video applications. The SDK eases the complexities of TV app development so that companies can not only build multi-screen solutions but also add a range of features including YOUBORA’s analytics product suite.

YOUBORA provides real-time information on user experience for each individual video playback session. This is a valuable tool for service providers to check the video platform’s performance and the audience’s behavior. With this integration, broadcasters who build multi-screen TV apps will automatically have support for the analytics technology. Cable operators and broadcasters in Scandinavia have chosen the solutions from both companies leading to multiple recent tested and stable deployments.

TV4, a part of the Bonnier Group and Sweden’s largest commercial broadcaster, has used the multi-screen TV App SDK from Norigin. The integration is deployed along with YOUBORA’s QoE analytics solution that supports the needs of TV4 Play, an advertising video on demand (AVOD) TV app on smart TVs. The solution allows TV4 to monitor the perceived QoE in real time across many different devices and is proven to be a key part of the management of the service.

Cloudncoder, the linear TV hosting product from Norigin Media, has also had the YOUBORA solution integrated and in use in daily operations of the platform. The hosted platform, which offers transcoding and packaging of linear feeds, utilise YOUBORA dashboards to check and optimise quality of video experiences and real-time monitoring of the services. The partnership between the two companies will continue to evolve for added value to the community that builds services on this powerful stack of technology.

Norigin Media’s CEO, Ajey Anand says We are keen to engage directly with our industry peers so our common customers have access to our tested technologies and integrated products. NPAW and Norigin Media have the same goals for quality products, which help align our roadmaps better.” Norigin Media will be exhibiting the TV App SDKs and demos of live commercial deployments at NAB, Las Vegas, April 9th-12th 2018


Learn about NPAW’s latest AI, predictive and testing capabilities at MWC in Barcelona and at NAB Las Vegas (SU7521AD).

James Noeker on October 14th 2019

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