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NPAW announces new updates for SmartTracking at NAB 2016 to enable Customer Support departments faster incident resolution

NICE PEOPLE AT WORK powers new enhancements for SmartTracking to provide a more powerful customer care tool that addresses market needs 

BARCELONA, Spain –April 19, 2016– NICE PEOPLE AT WORK (NPAW), the leader in business intelligence and analytics technology for the online video industry is introducing the new SmartTracking 2.0. The updated, new version of SmartTracking includes the happiness score, the stream visualizer, advanced tracking and much more. All these new features and functionalities, tailored for customer care, customer support and IT departments, allow them to track every unique experience and have visibility over each complete, individual, viewing in as much detail as possible.

SmartTracking developments include the List of Views, where you can see all the views that have been played and the ones are still playing, which allows you to track and solve problems in real time while the user is watching your content. The Happiness Score, a satisfaction score for every view and user, which helps support departments evaluate each individual experience without the use of external surveys. With the Advanced Tracking feature  technical traces remain available for up to 1 year and customers are able to generate reports per user at any time, with any filter, allowing them to increase end-user satisfaction.

The Stream Visualizer, a timeline for each video view, provides detailed information for  videos such as qualities consumed during the view, renditions, completion rate, events likes join time, buffers, errors or exists before video starts (EBVS); other features include the ability to indicate geography, device type, and other custom meta data. The Show in Dashboard feature allows customers to compare a unique use case and see how that specific situation applies to your general audience in your dashboards.

SmartTracking 2.0 is designed to enable faster problem resolution time for Customer Support teams. This module allows customers to gain in-depth visibility over each user activity from a unique and intuitive interface. By providing a tool that allows Customer Support to have real time data for every view, they are assisted at providing empowering support as it relates to understanding clearly the experience, and providing a nurturing tool to end users so that they can grow their engagement and loyalty.

“Tracking every single user experience has become a critical concern for online video providers. There were no tools on the market that provided enough data granularity to monitor what they need to better serve their users. We have discovered that customer support teams lack the visibility of what is going on with every single user experience,” said Alberto Gómez, NPAW’s VP of Product Management. “We have improved the SmartTracking module with features that give you such a level of detail that allows you to evaluate every single view to the fullest extent.”

Key benefits of the SmartTracking includes:

  • Complete, real time information pertaining to each individual view.
  • Empowerment of first line support leading to dramatic cost reduction.
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to an improved first call resolution rate.

Join us at NAB Show at South Hall (Upper) booth SU13910


About NPAW

NPAW is a big data and business intelligence company serving the online media industry. Using real-time data we help our customers to deliver excellent video experiences. Our platform leads the industry in integrated and device supported technologies, enabling our customers to make smart business decisions using in-depth and complete data. The company is privately held with VC backing, and was founded in 2008 with offices in Europe and the U.S.

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James Noeker on April 18th 2016

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