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NPAW expands and diversifies its US team in support of its international expansion strategy

Things just got a little cozier at NPAW’s US HQ. We are happy to announce the addition of three new team members: Jesper Persen, Technical Director, North America;  Jonathan Shields, VP Sales for North America and Australia; and Anita Campbell, Sales Engineer, North America.

Jesper is an expert in high tech sales and development, “bridging the gap between tech and people”. Most recently a Sales Director and Engineer, in the past he closed deals with big names like the New York papers The Daily News and Newsday, Bell Media, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Suddeutsche Zeitung. He has a knack for connecting with everyone from C-Suite executives to backend and frontend developers.

Jonathan, brings with him near twenty years of sales leadership and expertise in SaaS, cloud-computing, web content, OTT, and social media driven enterprises. Committed to superiority and sustainability, Jonathan’ career is a case study in increasing revenue and brand awareness while simultaneously reducing costs and time to market.

Anita, a graduate of Columbia University, is an expert at ensuring SaaS products meet the specific demands of customers. As a Sales Engineer, she will work closely with our partners and customers to ensure YOUBORA performs as the client expects.

“Incorporating Jon, Jesper and Anita into the NPAW team comes at a time of unprecedented growth and opportunity for our company,” said NPAW CEO, Ferran Gutiérrez. “2017 is going to be a big year for NPAW, and these new additions to our US-based arm will make it even bigger than expected”.

NPAW’s New York Headquarters are located at 79 Madison Avenue, in the “NOMAD” section of Manhattan – just around the corner from Madison Square Park! Are you a video or ad content provider in the area interested in revolutionizing your strategy with the power data? Reach out to one of our team members here, to discover the benefits of YOUBORA, the industry’s leading business intelligence and video analytics platform.

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW!

James Noeker on March 14th 2017

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