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NPAW’s Jonathan Shields on the importance of data

Last month at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam, Jonathan Shields, our VP of sales in North America, Australia, New Zealand Uk and Ireland, sat down with the exhibition to discuss our product and why data is so important in the current landscape of online media companies

Jonathan Shield being interviewed at IBC 2018 about data and personalization

For video companies looking to grow, Jonathan simply claims that “they need data to better understand the performance of the video ecosystem”.  More specifically, Jonathan spoke about the importance of data when it comes to personalization and ads.

“We collect around 5 billion streams a month from 120 countries. Within that, we collect 4-50 metrics per play and that can be very valuable for them to make content or recommendations… Once they understand the video ecosystem, they’re then traditionally asking how can to better support their customer base. Not only from recommendations and delivering ads but when someone calls in, being able to know what they’re watching or where they’re coming from – Having a better customer experience.”

To learn more about YOUBORA Suite and the topics Jonathan discussed, head here and learn how to grow your video company.


Max Gayler on October 15th 2018

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