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NPAW Releases H2 2019 Video Streaming Industry Analysis

As the tech ecosystem that enables online video streaming evolves, up-to-date knowledge of user trends, delivery quality benchmarks, and streaming data is essential for any business providing online video.

NPAW is in a unique position to provide these insights. YOUBORA, NPAW’s flagship solution, measures over 100 billion plays annually from over 150 video services across the world, including industry leaders such as AMC, Tubi, Pluto TV, Movistar, Orange, Viaplay, and Fox+. For H2 2019, we’ve analyzed, assessed and explained our streaming data to reveal the state of the video industry and guide video providers towards better performance.

Video Streaming Industry Analysis

Video streaming industry analysis

The report includes insights like:

  • With 57% of the total Plays recorded, VOD content is marginally more popular than Live content.
  • Though Smartphones were used to stream nearly half the Plays, they also registered the shortest Average Playtime of all devices.
  • Users are 5 times more likely to receive an in-stream error during Live Plays compared to VOD.

The data spans VOD content, Live content, and performance by device type. It also compares and contrasts trends in key streaming quality data with user engagement metrics that help businesses understand, measure, and optimize the ROI of their video services. In an industry where change is a constant and user expectations are ever rising, visibility over how your product or service stacks up against the industry is a must to be able to plan high-value investments for your video delivery service.

Want to make data-driven decisions that can align your business intelligence with user-end metrics? We’re talking about benchmark data like Buffer Ratio, Average Completion Rate, In-stream Errors, Startup Errors, Join Time, EBVS, Total Playtime, Average Effective Playtime, and more.

To get insights like this, and benchmark your service against the industry, head here to download your copy of the report.

Johnny Crisp on February 13th 2020

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