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Rise of the Quickies

Do it for the Vine! In today’s web scape, advertisers cannot always depend on end-viewers to sit through “lengthy” videos. Yes, in a world where binge watching a series on Netflix in an afternoon is an accomplishment, watching a five minute blurb on Youtube can be somewhat of a hassle. Fortunately for marketers across the Digital Plain, the popularity of Snapchat and Vine provides them a medium to target short attention spans relatively easily.

Snapchat and Vine are “6 second” (more or less) services. In short (literally), the apps permit the viewing of seconds worth of content for personal amusement. The result is a Cult of Personality surrounding newfound “celebrity” Viners – such as Marlon Webb, the Gabby Show, and Thomas Sanders and formidable forces on Snapchat like DJ Khaled.

And advertisers are capitalizing on this. Recently, Snapchat’s founder Evan Spiegel discussed the popularity of his app with an audience at Morgan Stanley. His app has 100 million daily users, many of the critical millennial demographic, and its popularity is only increasing.

Snapchat realizes what this means for advertisers and has begun imbedding software to track who views what into the app itself, and although formal ad placement is just beginning, the app has already been a successful means of delivering promotional material to end users.

On Vine, the popularity certain Viners has led to product placement – big brands will pay to have their products just associated with the apps funnymen. It’s a form of advertising which relies on generating opinion leaders interacting with their product instead of outright “this is our product, and this is why you should buy it”.

Quick video bytes are going to transform and innovate online content as we know it. Recently the Wall Street Journal featured a story of how the millennial focused purchased the app Hyper which aggregates video from across the web into a sort of “e-magazine”. Could a world of Vine or Snapchat compilations on this app provide advertisers with innovative new “full page ads” – only time will tell.

In this dynamic new marketplace, pioneering video providers, whether 6 seconds or 60 minutes, need tools to help them track audience engagement, target their consumers, and more importantly, ensure a superior viewing experience. With YOUBORA, Houston and SmartAds, and the other innovations we provide, your company could be on the cutting edge. Don’t you want to give us a try?

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW

James Noeker on March 12th 2016

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