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Our line of Smart Modules is designed to focus the power of YOUBORA on your service’s specific needs. As expansions of YOUBORA, they help you make more data-driven decisions. These modules are also enhanced by Infinity technology that allows them to harvest data from your end-users’ entire sessions. Our modules offer all sorts of powerful actionable insights thanks to their specific abilities like: A/B & Multivariate testing, benchmarking, tracking, AI alerts, Ad performance measurement, CDN switching and much more…Find out more about our line of Smart Modules down below and select the ones that better fit the needs of your online video business. We will be happy to give you a detailed demo to showcase the true power behind these granular modules.

newadmin on January 13th 2018

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How COVID-19 is Changing Online Streaming Behavior Globally

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is drastically changing user behavioral patterns worldwide. As the virus spreads, streaming video providers must contend with sudden changes in variables including rising economic pressures, altered routines, moods, and priorities. We have gathered together a series... 

27 Mar

Demystifying Analytics Plugin Integrations for Video Providers

For video providers in today’s fast-moving media ecosystem, the ability to adapt to new developments is crucial. In order to stay relevant and maintain their place in their users’ content streaming habits, they need to constantly be on the frontier of technological developments to optimize their... 

11 Mar

A Roadmap to a Long Term In-Stream Video Ads Strategy

The video streaming industry is still new, which means that even major players are still figuring out whether and how to deliver in-stream video ads through the infrastructure that they have. As a recent report for AdAge points out, “there’s an opportunity to do better and to define a whole new genre... 

26 Feb