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It’s one thing for a video service to collect terabytes of data on customer behavior and QoE. It’s another to analyze that data for actionable patterns. This is the heart of what the YOUBORA solution offers online video services, with virtually limitless variables with which to analyze and understand a video service’s audience and their QoE.

But often this data can’t wait for expert technicians to pore over it—like when the issue is a sudden spike in buffer ratios in a specific region in the world, or a when a certain codec begins to fail on specific devices affecting thousands or millions of users. These emergency situations are times when CTOs and COOs need to know immediately what is going on, and for this YOUBORA has SmartAlerts—the only solution on the market that can alert decision makers down to 1-minute granularity in real time to peering, network capacity, and congestion issues causing bottlenecks in video delivery.

Thresholds and variables for these alerts can be set-up in advance and delivered via email, API hook or from within YOUBORA’s user interface.

Let’s consider a few use cases made possible with SmartAlerts:

  • Am I having QoE problems on my platform? In which countries am I serving poor quality? Set the threshold at which you want to be alerted specific to each country or region.
  • Are all my CDNs performing as expected? Is there any combination of CDN and ISP that has a peak value of Buffer Ratio? If so, how many views have been affected?
  • Are all my codecs or DRM working as expected? Or do I have an issue with playback on certain devices?
  • How many alerts did I have over the last month? See an overview of historical alerts to get a better sense of repeat issues.

With thresholds set and alerts in place, you can stay focussed on what matters most knowing that alarms will sound if anything goes awry.

Research & Editorial Team on January 18th 2018

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