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The future demands BI everywhere – from Soccer to Counter Strike

There has been a shakeup in live sport streaming in recent weeks: NBCUniversal, one of America’s largest broadcasters announced a deal to stream Premier League football (soccer) in the United States via a direct to consumer OTT service. Off the field, Microsoft’s competitor to the legendary esports streamer Twitch, Beam got a facelift, retitled as Mixer, and is introducing co-streaming to users.

Flash with Impact

Nobody wants to make an empty promise. Introducing a new service is a great way to gain first mover advantage, but only if the expectation is matched by reality. As we like to say at NPAW, seamless video experiences – from selecting content to the all important playback – are the best way to leave a user with a good impression. This is the case with NBCU and its decision to launch a new live streaming venture. Certainly, it will be a great way to garner new audiences, so long as the service runs as optimally as possible. Optimal performance, by our definition, accounts for user behavior and QoE.

Holistic business intelligence (BI) platforms are the best suited for optimizing performance in terms of QoE (low buffer rates, join times, and other disturbances) and behavior (viewing audience patterns and trends, lifetime value, churn prediction).


Audience Cultivation

Microsoft’s decision to update Mixer comes at an unprecedented moment for esports as an industry. One quality which differentiates esports from conventional sports is the user generated nature of much esporting content, hence the popularity of playtime streaming. Co-streaming brings the dynamism of social media to esports streaming, as well as a host of new challenges. They also promise the new platform will be faster than the competition, no small order for a platform attempting to expand its user base.


For Mixer, which commands lower market share that Twitch, BI is the best way to grow and maintain a user base. Managing CDNs, expediting service response rates, and an improved understanding of user behavior are just some ways to get the most bang from investments and maximize monetization schemes.  


Infinite Decision-Making Potential

YOUBORA infinity, the next generation BI solution by NPAW, is the platform for which online media has been searching. Real time, granular metrics track streaming service quality and user behavior in unprecedented detail to guide decision making and free time for managers to strategize and not fret over small stuff.

For companies expanding a product line, like the example of NBCUniversal and their Premier League Pass, YOUBORA’s holistic behavioral and quality metrics help managers track the progress of their launch, and use data to tweak what they provide more toward what audiences demand.

For the Microsofts of the world looking to build a platform from humble to mighty, YOUBORA infinity is there again, guiding decisions to optimize platform performance, reduce churn and maximize ROI.

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James Noeker on July 19th 2017

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