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Summer HotWatch: Virtual Reality Explosion

It was announced recently that Icaros GmbH had developed a virtual reality (VR) set which would allow users to simulate adventurous activities such as “flying and deep ocean sea diving.” The development opens a door for the personal fitness industry, which has been struggling to find a way to make exercise “interesting,” according to Bloomberg. This development is just another new dimension of the increasingly diverse and pioneering field of virtual reality.


Across screens, across lives

Large players are starting to further their involvement in virtual reality technologies, most recently Oracle announced it had charged their new “internal startup” to include AR and VR in their portfolio of technologies. The initial mass market developments have focused on home entertainment, notably Sony’s Playstation VR. However, Google has pioneered their Daydream platform, as well as the Samsung Gear. According to the Streaming Media State of Mobile Video 2017, such technologies “will allow mobile users to engage in VR content more spontaneously. This could prove to be a boon to advertisers and retailers who encourage shoppers to use their portable headsets to receive unique experiences and special discounts.

VR will unlock new means to communicate to consumers. Häagen-Dazs sponsored an immersive VR experience bringing audiences along the journey of a honey bee. The result was a fun new way for Häagen-Dazs to educate consumers and communicate a new dimension of their brand.

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Data Driving Success

The opportunities presented by VR must be harnessed for all their nectars. Harnessing the behavioral data pertaining to the consumer while interacting with aspects of the VR experience will make all the difference in monetizing the experience. Inherent to that is the need to manage aspects of the content delivery process, to ensure it is performing at optimal levels.

Fortunately, YOUBORA Infinity by NPAW is equipped to monitor the complex task of delivering a VR experience while monitoring the key behaviors exhibited by the user throughout. YOUBORA Infinity is the latest manifestation of the YOUBORA family of business intelligence and video analytics platforms, the industry’s most precise tool to NPAWer content performance with real time data processing and aggregate and individual user tracking.
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James Noeker on May 31st 2017

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