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In a restaurant, a waiter can ask diners how they are enjoying their meal and can keep an eye on their responses to each dish, meticulously following the dining experience from the moment a guests sit down until they walk out the door. In the world of online video, providers are never at their users’ side, but with real-time monitoring technologies they can be almost waiter-like in their attentiveness—and for millions of customers in real time.

NPAW has developed leading technology that offers a detailed view of a user’s every playback session including any technical issues, as well as user-prompted events like pauses and plays. And when an issue arises with one view, it can quickly be determined if the same problem is affecting a bigger swath of the user base. Knowing exactly what users are experiencing and how they are using a service allows decision makers at online video services to quickly attend to their users’ needs and verify if complaints are legitimate.

What is the quality of every single view, in terms of buffer, join time, play failures, bitrate? With YOUBORA’s SmartTracking, an overall ‘happiness score’ is created for each view, allowing for a quick overview of users´experiences. But the analysis goes far deeper. At what video resolution does the user experience a specific video, and at precisely which moments during video playback does it change? And what is the behavior of a user or multiple users when facing a specific quality issue? When an issue arises with one user, how widespread is it across the platform? With an intuitive interface, SmartTracking provides the answers to all these questions and more, allowing customer-care teams to respond to user-specific tickets without the need for intervention from the engineering department.

Research & Editorial Team on January 18th 2018

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