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NPAW’s YOUBORA technology ensures full coverage of Telefónica users across devices and networks in Latin America.

BARCELONA, Spain- April 6th, 2018- Telefónica—leading integrated telecom—has chosen NPAW (Nice People At Work)—a global leader in video business intelligence and predictive analytics—to develop a tailored solution to monitor Telefónica’s IPTV network in Latin America, which will complement NPAW’s existing YOUBORA analytics technology for OTTs. With this project, NPAW ensures Telefónica full coverage of its users across devices and networks to support their expansion strategy.

YOUBORA will collect data such as plays, errors, package loss, device activity and device certification from IPTVs and transform it into actionable insights. This advanced technology enables Telefónica to apply topological dimensions to pinpoint whether given problems are occurring on set-top boxes or on their network.

Telefónica’s customer-service agents are empowered with a unique tool to solve tickets in record time, quickly identify problems affecting individuals or major groups of users, and proactively manage network issues remotely.

Telefónica’s TV strategy in Latin America focuses on IPTV and OTT. In Brazil, the IPTV video service will accompany the fiber expansion acceleration project where R $ 2.5 billion will be invested between 2018 and 2020. NPAW and Telefónica embarked on this unique, joint project in Brazil in 2017 and will expand it to other countries in the region in 2018.

“Trying to monitor TV service through unmanaged and managed networks is what kept us up at night. After building the infrastructure to collect data from IPTVs and set-top box management we move a step forward,said Javier Izquierdo, Global Director of Video Operations at Telefónica. “Now we can not only identify issues, their root causes but also Customer Service and Technical Teams are proactive using real-time insights to manage TV service.”

“We pushed beyond what was thought possible to pioneer new technologies,” said Luis López, VP of Sales in LATAM, EMEA and ASIA at NPAW. “After building this custom solution for Telefónica’s IPTV service we are uniquely positioned to offer full visibility on video services regardless of networks used.”

Research & Editorial Team on April 06th 2018

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