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The ABC for AVOD

Statista estimates European AVOD revenues to increase nearly 72% over 2016 levels – from $3,630 million to $6,252 million – by 2021. The opportunities posed by this method of content monetization do not come without their challenges. Chief among the concerns are an ad’s impact on views and its quality, the leading culprits behind the failure of an advertising campaign to engage with an audience.

(A)ccess to BI

When it comes to ad campaigns, quality of playback is essential to promote its reception. To this end, impartial assessment of ad quantity, length, position, and most important, the ad-content’s quality as it is perceived by the user is required. Thus, the first step in managing a successful ad campaign is to obtain a system to track and report individual and aggregate ad experience data.


(B)ad Quality (AdBuffering, AdJoinTime, AdFailures)

The next step is optimizing an ad campaign is keeping track of key metrics to ensure peak performance. Poor quality is the most frequent cause of video abandonment. Considering how audiences are not keen towards ads in general, a poorly rendered ad is certainly user repellant. This extends beyond buffering, and includes the overall quality of the ad as well. If an ad is placed pre-video and is of poor quality or comes with extended buffering, the entire video is subject to heightened risk user abandonment. This is just one instance of how ad quality, as well as quantity, positioning, and length affect the user experience.  Harnessing the power of this information begins to answer questions like: How many views and total playtime am I losing because of my ad strategy and performance? Which advertising campaigns are more successful and which ones are not? How many ads my audience tolerate, based on ad position, campaign, device, and other factors? How ad positioning/length/campaign affects average view-time of my content? A firm understanding of factors like these, and more, are critical for reigning in ad performance.


(C)ontent Meets Science

Fortunately for content providers, tools exist to provide proactive insights into the behaviors of audience and the quality, quantity, placement, and length of the ads. With YOUBORA Infinity and its pioneering module SmartAds, content providers have unparalleled access into the user experience – as if you’re there with them. SmartAds acts as an impartial advisor in real time so C-Suite executives, content and marketing teams are equipped with access into a glimpse at audience, to better optimize monetization and expand customer retention.
Are you a content provider interested in possessing holistic, unbiased visibility into the way ads perform on your platform? Reach out to one of our Online Video BI Experts here to schedule a meeting, and experience the NPAWerment delivered exclusively by SmartAds.

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.

James Noeker on June 29th 2017

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