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Whether it’s Patton Oswalt giving his commentary on a presidential debate, or simply everyone you know spoiling this week’s The Walking Dead, one thing is clear – people LOVE live tweeting. This humble “twittertary” is when someone, celebrity or not, provides their opinions on some event, typically a television broadcast. But for some that isn’t enough. Imagine a world where you can live stream your live tweets on Twitter. Sound good? Well stop day dreaming Buster Brown because you live in that world.

Look through the Periscope at a Meerkat. That may sound ridiculous, but those are the two apps currently waging cyber war for your business. Periscope is Twitter’s answer to Meerkat, and both are apps that permit users to perform amateur live streams of whatever content, over Twitter and other social media platforms. Mashable reports how it works:

During a live stream, you can comment and the broadcaster will see the comments. Because so few people were watching each stream, people often responded directly to me on camera. In Meerkat, every comment is a Twitter reply to the original Meerkat Live video prompt tweet. Here, however, Periscope fundamentally differs from Meerkat.

Source: CBS News, via

So just how popular is this? Well, a manager at Twitter’s Australian division, streamers Down Under watch near forty years of content daily. On Meerkat in particular, celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Tony Hawk, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus tout its use. Commentators at Billboard had this to say:

When Periscope first came out the reaction was, ‘This is gonna be really bad for the music industry,'” Sager said …”We never intended it to [be used to] live stream shows. Artists are using it to broadcast the moment before they go on stage, or what’s happening on the tour bus. It’s a different way for artists to communicate with fans on a different level.

Periscope has even developed a partnership with GoPro, the high definition camera company for those who wish to document extreme sports. Live stream your mountain biking trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains? Sounds like bar is being raised.

Enter NPAW, the leader and specialist in proven technology which monitors and ensures quality content streaming. If twit-streams are set to become the phenomenon they appear to be, these apps are going to need to utilize technology to maximize the quality of the various live streams. Meerkat in particular, considering it is a, fast growing, upstart looking to steal market share from the goliath Twitter could benefit from the various quality monitors, IT services, and other services to ensure maximum profits are extracted from the content created by users, and end viewers are satisfied.

Just something else to think about from us here at NPAW.


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James Noeker on March 18th 2016

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