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Unleashing the Power of BI

What should an SVOD provider look for in a business intelligence (BI) platform, and just what is business intelligence? Today, we’ll lay down the facts surrounding BI, how an SVOD provider can benefit from video business intelligence (VBI), and provide some specific scenarios where employing BI can be game changing.

Defining Business Intelligence

Gartner Research describes BI as “an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.”

Think of BI as your own personal CIA or MI6, gathering critical information on your behalf so you can make informed, strategic decisions. There is really no end to what information is included as BI so long as it is useful to facilitate decision making. It could include external information such as current events and developments arising from people in government, competitors, industry partners, and their performance.

Yet BI is, in our view, best when it analyzes internal controls and developments in comparison to internal standards and external benchmarks.

Keeping Pace

At NPAW, we recommend all digital video providers employ a cutting edge data-as-a-service BI platform to control and assess content for efficiency and return on investment. More than reviewing a video for QoE, or how issues are brought to resolution, employing BI to its full potential in the C-Suite can govern critical strategic decision making to move the company forward.

Good BI platforms display current internal monitors and compare them with industry benchmarks to advise what needs work and what is stable. Also apparent could be the ways in which the industry and the market for content is changing for providers can take proactive measures to avoid the agonizing decline of traditional television.

Shedding Light onto Darkness

Our award winning YOUBORA BI platform is shaking the foundations of the video delivery industry. For example, say you are a content manager seeking to improve the current performance of your company’s content library. With YOUBORA, identify which titles are performing best in a certain region on a particular device at a particular time or times of the day. The real-time, multidimensional filtering abilities provided through YOUBORA would provide you with the power to tailor content to a specific group and improve revenues.

To always guarantee audiences are content, content managers can research unique combinations of metrics which frequently experience difficulties, and evaluate the percentage of users overall, or for a specific reason, affected by a particular disturbance.  

YOUBORA users can also detect customers driving out-layers and other fraudulent content abuses. This way, service managers can properly validate complaints and render appropriate service.

Are you a video content provider, telco, or other media provider interested in revolutionizing your content delivery strategy? Whether or not you are attending NAB, reach out to us, we’d love to meet. If you are attending NAB from April 24-27, visit us at Booth SU7821 at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Click here to schedule a meeting with one of our BI and video analytics experts.


Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.


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James Noeker on April 04th 2017

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