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Vonetize selects NICE PEOPLE AT WORK to optimize its user experience

YOUBORA Analytics’ real-time information enables delivery of high quality online video to Vonetize customers

BARCELONA, Spain – May 2015 – NICE PEOPLE AT WORK (NPAW), the technology leader in quality of service and audience engagement analytics, is announcing an agreement to provide in-depth and complete real-time video analytics to Vonetize,  a leading company in premium content services and streaming technology platforms. By analyzing the collected data and pushing it through predictive modules in real-time, YOUBORA Analytics will help Vonetize in making informed and strategic decisions to deliver flawless TV-quality experiences.

Vonetize develops content distribution services and technology platforms for the Smart TV and connected device markets. The service offers a wide variety of premium VOD content ranging from Hollywood movies to TV series and music concerts, to children and niche audience programming, which reach millions of users globally.

NPAW’s CEO, Ferran Gutiérrez, stresses that this collaboration will further strengthen Vonetize’s services, by improving QoE and maximizing end-user engagement. “We are thrilled to work with Vonetize. Our main purpose is to help them improve their service by providing them with full insight into their audience, quality and engagement metrics that affect Vonetize’s main business KPI’s,” says Gutiérrez.

YOUBORA Analytics will empower Vonetize to collect key quality metrics such as join time, buffering rates, bitrates, and play failures, and to gain insight into the platforms and devices trending with their end-users, understanding which content viewers engage with the most, and most importantly, helping them make smart and strategic business decisions.

“NPAW’s real-time analytic contributions represent the final piece of the puzzle in our effort to give our customers the best VOD experience possible,” said Vonetize CEO Noam Josephides. “Vonetize prides itself on delivering the highest quality video smoothly and efficiently, and NPAW‘s technology will be invaluable to us as we continue to better understand the needs of our audience and engage with them effectively.”


About NPAW

NPAW is a big data and technology company serving the online media industry. Using real-time data we help our customers to deliver flawless TV-quality experiences. Our platform leads the industry in technologies integrated and devices supported, enabling our customers to take smart business decisions using in-depth and complete data. The company is privately held with VC backing, and was founded in 2008 with their headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

About YOUBORA Analytics 

YOUBORA Analytics is a powerful centralized analytics and optimization platform for broadcasters and media groups. We provide real-time information on the delivered video experience, with granular data specific to individual end users. Our high-resolution analytics tool helps you monitor and analyze your audience, QoS and engagement, and optimize delivery through our SmartSwitch CDN load balancing module. Metrics taken from YOUBORA Analytics can be applied to take decisions around your content, monitor delivery partners and take decisions around which platforms to invest in or integrate with.

Please visit for further information.

About Vonetize

Vonetize is disrupting the traditional entertainment industry by offering top-quality premium and niche content to connected viewers around the world through any smart device. The company develops premium content services and technology platforms for Smart TVs and mobile devices that reach millions of viewers worldwide, with an emphasis on emerging markets. The company provides a variety of content offerings – from Hollywood movies and TV Series through its premium content offering Smart VOD to concerts, children’s programming and niche ethnic content on the company’s global channels. To learn more, please visit:


Media Contact 
Diana Navas, NPAW
Tel: +34 931 22 21 11

James Noeker on May 12th 2015

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