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What’s to come in 2019 with NPAW CEO, Ferran Gutierrez

60% growth in revenue, 40% growth in headcount and a 100% improvement in productivity. Following on from one of the most successful years in the history of NPAW, CEO Ferran Gutierrez goes into detail to define how the team crafted a winning formula and where YOUBORA Suite is headed in 2019.

Coming into 2018, the team at NPAW were coming off the high of the most productive year so far. We’d moved into a new office, doubled our headcount and started to amass a list of impressive customers. Luckily, the level of talent in our Barcelona and New York offices together with our remote workers meant we remained at full speed, taking on intimidating challenges and improving our product to give more value to our customers.

This culminated in the announcement of our new offering at IBC in Amsterdam in September – YOUBORA Suite. This replaced our previous modular offering, YOUBORA, and has transformed our product in terms of capability.

This partnered with added features and functionalities throughout the year such as formulas, funnels and a more advanced alerts system, has meant our video analytics tool is giving insights to our customers that have gone beyond our expectations.

To roundup 2018 and offer some transparency as to what our next steps are, our co-founder and CEO, Ferran Gutierrez, sat down to take us through the year’s achievements as well as what we have coming up in 2019.


“2018 was a year for risks, but they paid off “


NPAW: How did the company evolve in 2018?

Ferran Gutierrez: Thanks to our team, we have achieved a unique thing in that we are one of the most distinguished companies in our sector. We’re growing at a great rate – last year we increased our revenue by 62% and are a profitable company. This gives us lots of time and independence because we aren’t worrying as much about keeping afloat.

A big achievement is that we are global leaders regarding data collection. Other companies have the same traffic they had three years ago, but we’ve multiplied our number of plays by five over the past five years. I’m hoping we can keep this going for next year.

Another thing that we have achieved is becoming something more than video analytics. We are demonstrating this on the Telcos market. We can be a key element for business intelligence and a holistic analytics tool for big video companies that telcos manage. These are markets that similar tools can’t penetrate so we’re looking forward to becoming the go-to solution in the future.


NPAW: What are your expectations for this year?

FG: We are again expecting to grow our team. This year was one of our biggest years for growth but we’re hoping to grow every single team again in 2019. Most importantly, our technical team is going to increase to accommodate the exciting projects we have lined up. We want to bring in new and creative talent.

This time last year we had 60 people working at NPAW. We’d like to close the year with between 120 and 130 people at the company. Currently, we’re at 85 so crossing that 100-mark will be a big milestone to show how fast we’re expanding.

For us, the talent is the most important asset to the company. We have people able to imagine new ideas, put them into practice and give new value to our customers in a concise amount of time, such as when our plugins team went about moving all of our plugins from player v5 over to player v6 in only two weeks to keep our software as up to date as our customers. For us, it’s important to have people able to keep focus until the end of the project.


“The most important thing for us is to generate value for our customers and learning how to do this clearly is the real challenge for any company.”


NPAW: What processes have changed to make the team more productive?

FG: As of Thu 20th December, myself and Sergi (Vergés, Co-founder & COO) ended agreements with investors to take more control of the company. With fewer levels to the hierarchy, we’ll be able to make smarter moves, faster. There’s more risk here but we’ve had a year of risks and feel confident in knowing where the product needs to grow. This way, there is less micro-managing and more flexibility.

Despite this, I believe we’re going in the right direction. There’s no need for a big change in strategy – the next step is scaling. For the last two or three years, we have applied many changes and tested different ways to achieve targets. Now, with this maturity, the future seems much clearer.

2018 was a year for risks, but they paid off with the successful launch of our new offering, YOUBORA Suite. We want 2019 to be the year that’s remembered for the company scaling and becoming more predictable as we move from being a technically ‘small’ company and towards becoming a medium-sized company.


NPAW: What areas are we most interested in exploring this year?

FG: We have been exploring different paths to implement AI for years, however, in the grand scheme of things, it’s the beginning of this technology. Now that we’re able to incorporate this into our platform, we’re starting to investigate new ways this can be helpful for our customers. AI is complicated and a very sensitive touchpoint for our customers so we want to invest time as much as money into this area before jumping onto the bandwagon. This will be a discovery year where we will see how much value our customers can get out of our product now that we’ve upgraded our automated alerts system, added an in-app assistant and expanded the ability to ingest complicated user data to assist with customer segmentation.

The most important thing for us is to generate value for our customers and learning how to do this clearly is the real challenge for any company. I think that by the end of the year we will be able to fill a very important gap that our competitors aren’t capable of.

Research & Editorial Team on January 10th 2019

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