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Why all the fuss about Playstation VR?

Following up on last week’s article here is some more information about the PS VR fuss.

Virtual reality is all about simulation. Last week Sony released to the market their latest PS4 add-on; Playstation VR. These new goggles arrive to the young and promising market of virtual reality at the perfect moment. Although VR goggles are still considered to be novelty products, more 360 videos and VR content are being uploaded to the internet on a daily basis. Playstation VR competes, within the video game industry, against two other major mainstream VR goggles: Facebook’s Oculus Rift and the HTC vive.

What makes PS VR so exciting aside from the VR fever is the price; 399$. It sounds expensive, but in comparison with its competitors, it comes out cheaper. Considering that in order to use the competing VR goggles, you will need a very expensive computer with the latest graphic cards and other expensive hardware. Most people could not afford all this expensive tech and as VR gaming is still scarce and limits itself to an experience more than full on games dropping, that amount of money is hardly ever justified. This is where excitement for the Playstation VR comes from; price. According to TechnoBuffalo, they are the cheapest VR gaming goggles in the market and with over 36 million Playstation 4 systems spread around homes all over the globe, VR gaming becomes accessible for a lot more people. TechRadar’s article on PS VR informed us about Sony’s decision to sacrifice resolution and add a higher refresh rate for the screen to make their goggles cheaper and more immersive. They bumped it up to 120 hz, much better than the competitors. The higher refresh rates really makes the experience much more immersive by making the content smooth and giving you a lifelike feeling.  

Sony sells this product as a gateway to the VR world, by not only filling its online Playstation store with VR games, but also by providing console owners with video content like: short movies, music videos, comedy shows, documentaries and many others. PS VR seems to be the gate to the VR world in the consumer market, at least  for now. After all, VR is still an experience and in order to enjoy it and for it to really make its way forward, it needs to be delivered flawlessly.  We are so good at detecting flaws of natural events and interactions, therefore nothing must get in the way of the content for it to trigger the emotional effect on the user. An effective analytics platform, like YOUBORA by NPAW, will record data in real time, giving you a bird’s eye view of the entire video delivery process.  In order to deliver VR content efficiently everything must flow smoothly, pinpointing issues are key to a successful delivery.   

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.  

Joaquin De Miguel on October 19th 2016

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