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Announcing YOUBORA Infinity

NPAW announces YOUBORA Infinity at NAB 2017

The most holistic business intelligence platform for online video capturing data before, during and after the video playback.

BARCELONA and NEW YORK – April 24, 2017 – Today, NPAW (Nice People At Work), announced the upcoming release of YOUBORA Infinity, the most holistic analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform for video services which expands upon its legacy of helping broadcasters, OTTs, telcos and media companies make data-driven decisions across their entire video service by correlating data from the moment users login until they logout, all in real time.

With YOUBORA Infinity, NPAW broadens the scope of its video BI solution, providing insights based both on web sessions and video playback monitoring across an all-in-one platform, enabling customers to better understand their audience’s behavior and their platform performance  between video playbacks.  

Customers now have  visibility into a plethora of session metrics to understand why users are not consuming video and more accurately segment their audience to define specific retention strategies and proactively control ARPU. There is also a strong business case in the content management area, helping customers drive successful editorial decisions, launch top performing recommendation engines, or forecast greater ROI for their content strategy. And these are just a couple of applications of the latest expansion to the YOUBORA family.

“Gathering and combining data before, during and after the video playback will only leverage the accuracy and success of decisions in every department of online video companies,” said CEO at NPAW, Ferran Gutierrez.

With the latest expansion and recent SmartUsers and SmartTrends additions to the YOUBORA family, NPAW is looking to disrupt the standard for BI through intelligence to point out, predict, test, act and optimize online video businesses to maximize their revenue.   

About NPAW

NPAW is a Big Data and Business Intelligence company helping online video services globally in making data-driven decisions. NPAW has been in the online video business since 2008, and today we are one of the foremost players on the world stage in this domain.

Our award-winning solution, YOUBORA by NPAW, is the most advanced and holistic video analytics BI platform helping top-tier broadcasters, OTTs, telcos, and media companies gain a better understanding of how their audience behaves and how their platform performs in real time. YOUBORA provides descriptive and predictive insights to help customers reduce churn and proactively manage users, increase ad and content efficiency, and overcome operational and technical challenges.

For press inquiries contact:

Laura Delcor | VP Marketing Communications, NPAW


James Noeker on April 24th 2017

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