data driven ad optmization

23 Feb Data Driven Ad Optimization

Online market research aggregator eMarketer predicts the amount of money spent on online video advertising will grow 19.2% in 2017, outpacing the growth in traditional television advertising by nearly 16%. According to a survey by research firm Advertiser Perceptions in 2015, 38% of U.S. marketers considered drawing from broadcast advertising budgets to pay for more digital ads.

Place Me, Place Me

Marketing managers taking money out of their budgets to pay for online video advertising expect a decent return on their sizable investment. One trend noticed by one of our partners, Ooyala, was the tendency of ad purchasers to buy mid-roll ad space. Currently, pre-roll ads are the current favorite, but the growing importance of mid-roll ads (which increased in volume 33% from February 2015 to April 2016) should not go unnoticed.

Data Drive Me

Advertisers can enhance their online advertising by harnessing the power of big data. Video Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms, like YOUBORA by NPAW are uniquely equipped to get actionable insights and optimize the video service, and this is true for video ads as well. SmartAds, a YOUBORA SmartModule is our way of serving advertisers. SmartAds is built with the same real time precision made standard in YOUBORA. Optimize ad positioning by understanding how many ads were watched, in what quantity, where, on which devices and through which networks.


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