31 Jan Improving VR experiences with video analytics & business intelligence

VR is on the rise, and 2017 is definitely the year where we will start seeing VR headsets and 360 video gain a larger portion of our leisure time. Many interesting initiatives have been launched by companies such as NextVR, VokeVR, LiveLike, in cooperation with distribution rights owners such as Sky, the NFL, MLB, etc., all of which seeks to bring the excitement of concerts, live sports, and other live spectacles right to our living room. This makes VR a real business opportunity with real customers ready to pay for that excitement.

Learn from NPAW and Bitmovin the ways providers of VR content can better understand how the platform performs, and users’ behaviour while streaming VR video. It is not only important to build the service, but also to ensure the QoE users are receiving during playback is good enough to ensure customer satisfaction is maximized to draw repeatability. If VR experiences are not of the highest quality, the future of the medium could be more of struggle than a success.

The webinar will review the reasons why business intelligence and video analytics is critical for the success of VR, and ways to prevent users from having bad experiences. We will also discuss practical cases, and KPIs to measure and monitor VR experiences, all as you gain actionable insights useful for the continuous improvement of your service.

There will be two sessions:

Session 1 (EU): Thursday, February 16th, 10:00 CET
Session 2 (US): Thursday, February 16th, 13:00 EST/10:00 PST

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