MWC 2017 NPAW business intelligence for video

16 Feb Mobile World Congress 2017 – Barcelona

With CES 2017 having kicked off the year with so many fantastic new products,  we look forward to this year’s Mobile World Congress. Ounce again organized in our hometown, we are eager to welcome you in our booth in the Spanish Pavillion (CS60 & CS73, Booth 37).

We are excited to display the results of our latest hard working months and get you to discover how to optimize your online video strategy with our powerful platform. YOUBORA 2.0 is the freshly new updated business intelligence platform by NPAW, that will allow you harness the power of big data with real-time precision.

There, you will be able to request a demo from one of our Online Video Experts. Our highly knowledgeable staff will give you a more specific approach to the usage of YOUBORA 2.0 tailored to your professional needs.

Note that our VP of business development, Luis Lopez will give a  presentation on harnessing the power of business intelligence and video analytics on Tuesday February 28th from  4:30 PM to 5 PM (CET) at the Spanish pavilion.

For those who already know us,  we are proud to present you with our latest features, and cannot wait for you to experience them so that you can get the most out of the new YOUBORA 2.0 platform.

See you there!