22 Nov Network Performance Fluctuation & Scoring – NPAWering Online Video #8

In this eighth installment to our series “NPAWering Online Video”, our VP of Product Alberto Gomez discusses fluctuations in network performance and how content providers can prevent it to improve QoE.

Just like freeways at rush hour, the network which links user to content can become overwhelmed. With the volume of information exchanged over the internet, much of it video, which is increasing every day, content providers must take meaningful steps to ensure overwhelmed networks are not synonymous with poor quality.

Alberto Gomez, as Product VP, knows CDN’s inside and out. Like a supply chain manager overcoming a closed road to get his delivery in on time, he knows what it takes to overcome congested networks. The secret? Understanding the problem, which is only possible through a real-time analytics platform.

Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.