09 Mar Online Video Trends – NPAWering Online Video #12

In this week’s installment to our series, NPAWering Online Video, we join NPAW data scientist Hjortur Jonasson for a look into some patterns we’ve been noticing in the vast quantities of data analyzed by the YOUBORA platform.

When you collect as much data as we do at NPAW, you begin to pick up on the nuances and behaviors exhibited by those watching online. How does device affect viewing behaviors, what about where an ad is placed in the roll of a video?

YOUBORA is designed to make these phenomena apparent, so managers and engineers can make well informed decisions relating to their media content strategies. You’ve probably seen some examples of NPAW researched trends with our infographics. We publish some of our insights because we are certain the trends we notice can benefit other players in our industry.

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Just another thing to think about from us here at NPAW.